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 I am told I am to write something about Dumbledore and his particular brand of cruelty. There are some fics floating around where he's openly cruel, especially to Snape. Dumbledore IS cruel to Snape in canon, so there are grounds for that kind of interpretation of him. But in my head Dumbledore's cruelty works in a slightly different way. He only rarely breaks out the "you disgust me". Instead he practices cruelty through kindness. Dumbledore is supportive. He gives people exactly what they need to feel safe. He tells them exactly what they need to hear. He makes people believe in him. And then he uses them. And the damn thing is, he's not just kind to tie people to him. He means it all. He is actually all the things that he seems to be. But he also manipulates people. And it's not right. And he knows it's not right. He does it anyway and that is exactly where he is a horrible horrible man. Especially to Snape. 

Damn you, Dumbledore.