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 Trying to re-attach myself to Snape-centric Harry Potter fandom after all these years has been, and continues to be, a rather strange and unsettling experience. My leaving the fandom just after Deathly Hallows was released was largely, if not exclusively, Snape related. I couldn't quite handle the combination of Snape's death and the disclosure of Snape's motivation. And coming back years later it's been uncomfortable looking at how fans interpret Snape now. It turns out Lily is used, at least in some circles,  as a kind of get out of jail free card. Everything Snape ever did is ok because he loved Lily... 

On the other hand one can not go on tumblr without a storm of Snape hate. Apparently finding Snape an interesting character makes one a bad person. And no matter what Snape did to help fight Voldemort, he was still a bad teacher and a bully and just Not Ok.  He was a horrible person, obviously , but I've never understood this idea of only liking characters that are good. What I wanted from Snape was always for him to remain a bit of a git, but a git who eventually grew up, realized exactly what the Death Eaters were about, and decided to change sides. "Always" being the only reason to change sides, is just not satisfying enough. 

Before I left HP, I belive I quoted Henry Jenkins:  fan response typically involves not simply fascinatin or adoration but also frustration and antagonism, and it is the combination of the two responses which motivates their active engagement with the media

Excuse me while I go rip my hair out. Or throw the cat out the window. Yeah, that's a better idea.


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